Not For Profit

We do what we do because we LOVE IT. Our servers are not run for profit for 6 months and then shut down. We've been in the game server industry since 2012 and never once lost our passion. We collect donations to help keep server costs down and that is IT.


Our community is all about gaming and having fun. That includes enforcing server rules that help maintain a fun and enjoyable environment for all, so if you're a mingebag just looking for a quick rush, PLEASE be courteous to others and take it somewhere else.


Everyone has been part of a community where the Owner(s) are never active or hardly ever seen. Maybe you seen them on for 5 minutes reprimanding their staff team or banning a few players and then they leave again.

We are different! Our owner, Bay, is an active member of the community and is almost always available to chat.

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BWL Minecraft


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